Hudson Rod, Gun & Archery, Inc

Hudson Wisconsin
2021/2022 Open Shooting Hours
During Central Standard Time
Saturdays & Sundays 10am to 4pm
Exceptions noted in the calendar

Following guide lines apply to BOTH Trap and Skeet

START DATE 5-4-21 to 8-29-21

Must have 4 scores posted by the 4th week (5-30-21)

Shoot ahead up to 4 weeks no shoot backs after 5-30-21.

Week=Tuesday thru Sunday

Teams may have up to 6 shooters plus 2 additional for a maximum of 8 shooters
Additional shooters are: Ladies or Youth(that are under 18 when the League starts).

Minimum count for a team is 5 shooters

Top 5 weekly team scores are included in calculations (Trap and Skeet)

League Fees = $120 for corporate sponsor (covers 8 shooters) or
$15.00 per shooter for self-sponsoring teams.

Signup sheets are in a folder (one for trap and one for skeet) behind the bar.

Ask the bartender for help and payment.

Winning team of week 8 (first half) will shoot off winner of second half (16th week) Date?
Ties will be determined week 9 or 10 if needed.

Questions? or Looking for a team to be on, call, text or email:
Keith Hanson (612-309-9729 or or
Dan Weishaar (651-261-4085 or

19-Mar-21 rev. 01