Hudson Rod, Gun & Archery, Inc

Hudson Wisconsin
2022 Open Shooting Hours
During Central Daylite Savings Time
Tuesdays and Thursdays 4pm to Dusk or 8pm,
whichever comes first, and
Saturdays and Sundays 10am to 4pm.
Exceptions noted in the calendar

Following guide lines apply to BOTH Trap and Skeet

START DATE 5-4-21 to 8-29-21

Must have 4 scores posted by the 4th week (5-30-21)

Shoot ahead up to 4 weeks no shoot backs after 5-30-21.

Week=Tuesday thru Sunday

Teams may have up to 6 shooters plus 2 additional for a maximum of 8 shooters
Additional shooters are: Ladies or Youth(that are under 18 when the League starts).

Minimum count for a team is 5 shooters

Top 5 weekly team scores are included in calculations (Trap and Skeet)

League Fees = $120 for corporate sponsor (covers 8 shooters) or
$15.00 per shooter for self-sponsoring teams.

Signup sheets are in a folder (one for trap and one for skeet) behind the bar.

Ask the bartender for help and payment.

Winning team of week 8 (first half) will shoot off winner of second half (16th week) Date?
Ties will be determined week 9 or 10 if needed.

Questions? or Looking for a team to be on, call, text or email:
Keith Hanson (612-309-9729 or or
Dan Weishaar (651-261-4085 or

19-Mar-21 rev. 01