Club Closure Update

          Dear members,
          I hope everyone is safe and well.
        This is an unprecedented time that we are in with the effect Covid 19 has had on our country. Regardless of your opinion of the danger it presents, the effect it is having on this country will go down in the history books. President Trump has extended the time he wants to see the country use a "Safe at home" setting until the end of April and Governor Evers has already put this in place until the 24th of this month.
        As for now,with everything being an unknown, we have postponed the Annual meeting, club banquet, youth day and all other events at the club until the state has lifted the restrictions. We will set new dates for these events as soon as possible. The board is working on preparing for the moment we can open again. Our ranges are also closed because our governor has shooting ranges as non-essential. The President has changed gun shops and ranges to an essential business, but the state still has the ability to make them non-essential. If the governor changes this, we will.
        April is also normally our annual meeting. I am asking anyone who is interested in running for a position on the board to please contact me. We currently have three board members stepping down but for now, I have asked the board members who's term is up, to stay on until we can hold a proper election. We have discussed downsizing the amount of directors from nine to seven, but we feel that you have a say in this. When our elections are being held, this will probably be the first thing we vote on. After that, we will have another vote for anyone running. Instead of a big board, I would like to see more committees formed for leagues, youth day, sight in days and others. We will need people to form them and run them, but this will usually be a seasonal thing. The board will still have to set the pricing to support the club and maintain business, but the committees can figure out how they want to run the leagues or other events.
        Our leagues are obviously postponed, but we will be sending info out on them as soon as we know when we can open the club. Pete Malvey has been been working on tentative dates for us to start our leagues. Hopes are to be able to start early May. We will post them on our website and send them out in a email once we know more.
        On a positive note, we are looking at ways for our club to earn revenue for example: Friday night fish fries, Competitive shoots, gun raffles among others. I think we need to pursue other sources of revenue to help with infrastructure projects the club need to do. These opportunities can help raise money without having to put the burden on the membership to pay for them.
        There will be plenty of projects at the club for volunteer hours. Some of our fences are in disrepair and in dire need of paint. I would like to organize a spring clean up and I was told this used to be an annual thing that was done and helps keep our labor costs down. Might also be a good time to have a nice dinner at the club!
        Please everyone, stay safe and healthy. If you know of any elderly or members that need help, please contact us and we will certainly do all we can to help them. We will post updates on our club website and facebook page and if anything changes, I will send another update immediately.

Thank you and God bless

Ross Goerdt President HRGAC