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Week 1 - 03/19/2018
 Trevor Cochrane
  Week 2 - 3/26/2018
 Reed Meyer
Week 3 - 04/02/2018
 Bennett Hatfield
  Week 4 - 04/09/2018
 Gabriel Stolz
  Alyssa Grezek

Hot Shots of the Week
Week 5 - 04/16/2018
 Gus Richter

Hot Shots of the Week
  Week 6 - 04/23/2018
 Holden Stanek

Hot Shots of the Week
Week 7 - 04/30/2018
 Drew Hoesley

Hot Shots of the Week
  Week 8 - 05/07/2018
 Nate Caslow
  Annie Fenner

Week 9 - 05/14/2018
 Harley Saalborn
  Johann Stolz

Hot Shots of the Week
  Week 10 - 05/21/2018

The Raider of the Week is Trevor Cochrane on the JV level. He shot an 18 out of 25 his second round ever shooting trap. That’s what I’m talking about! Honorable mention goes to Walker Peterson of Intermediate Entry for rockin’ the shorts. He’s one tough cookie!

Raider of the Week goes to Reed Meyer of the Senior Division. Reed was the first Raider this year to shoot a perfect round - 25 straight. Nicely done! Several other shooters hit 24 out of 25. The team is looking great this early in the season.

Raider of the Week is all about teamwork. Honors this week go to Bennett Hatfield of the Intermediate Advanced Division. Without being asked, Bennett jumped in and helped pick up empty shells from a squad he wasn’t on Digging empties out of the snow definitely wasn’t fun. Honorable mention goes to Jackson Melloy (Intermediate Entry) and Jack Kraft (Intermediate Advanced) for helping Louise haul in Raider Café goodies. Thanks for the extra hand!
Raider of the Week honors go to Gabriel Stolz (Intermediate Entry) and Alyssa Grezek (Intermediate Advanced). Both Gabe and Alyssa brought their A-game to the conference round last night with Gabe shooting 18/25 and Alyssa crushing it with 21/25. Gabe and Alyssa each exhibited laser focus and dogged determination resulting in a dramatic improvement from their practice round as well as personal best scores. These two have put in several extra rounds on the weekends and that hard work is paying off.
Speaking of A-game, the Hot Shots of the week go to Alex Giebler (aka Gibby) and Reed Meyer, both of the Senior Division. Gibby shot a perfect round for his conference score and Reed posted 49/50 with 25 straight in his practice round. Numerous shooters stepped up yesterday and posted great scores. Osceola definitely has an uphill battle. Excellent teamwork Raiders!
04/16/2018 This week’s Raider of the Week is all about maintaining a can-do attitude and rising to the occasion when it counts the most. Let’s face it, last night’s weather was not pleasant but the kids sure didn’t complaint or let that deter them from getting the job done. Impressive scores were posted at all levels. Raider of the Week honors go to Gus Richter (Intermediate Entry), Thomas Vaillancourt (Intermediate Entry), Megan Ford (Intermediate Advanced) and Hailey Cicha (Varsity). All of these shooters posted personal best scores and have continued to show consistent improvement. Gus is a first year shooter and shot a high of 22. Thomas came to the plate last night with a 3.3 average, went to work busting birds and posted incredibly improved scores of 14 and 15 for his rounds. Megan hit her personal best of 23 and Hailey Cicha was crushing birds last night with personal bests of 22 and 21. Honorable mention goes to Nic Lundquist who hit in the high teens with a brand new gun. Talk about a confidence booster.
Hot shots of the week go to the top five varsity shooters for this week’s conference round including Jordan Persinger with 25, Ben Diethert with 25, Josh Ochoki with 24, Nathan Madison with 24, and Alex Giebler with 24.
Congratulations to all our shooters for focusing on getting the job done despite all that Mother Nature has been throwing at us!

Congratulations go to Holden Stanek (Intermediate Advanced) this week. His continued perseverance, focus and determination really paid off, posting a conference score of 22 last night. Holden listens well, has put the coaches’ advice to work and his scores jumped to the upper rungs of the ladder. Honorable mention goes to Ella Blaha (Intermediate Advanced) who brought her scores up to the mid-teens after some focused coaching this weekend with Rick. Alexis Randolph (Intermediate Entry) also made it into the double digits.
A great showing last night by all Raider shooters!
Hot shots for week 6 are:
Kiera Wood (Varsity) 25 in conference, 24 in practice
Jordan Persinger (Varsity) 25 in conference
Cody Cicha (Varsity) 25 in conference
Jake McCorkel (Varsity) 25 in practice
Riley Hammer (Varsity) 24 in conference
Cody Neeck (Varsity) 24 in conference
Brandon Armstrong (JV) First 25 in skeet
Lonny Feia (Intermediate Entry) 18 in conference

The rabbits didn’t stand a chance!
The Raider of the Week is Drew Hoesley (Intermediate Entry). Drew is always quick to tell his fellow shooters good job, even when he is struggling. He’s just as happy to see a squad mate finally succeed in hitting a bird as he is when he crushes one. His willingness to try sporting clays as a first year shooter is impressive. He competed in the tournament in sporties this last weekend after only shooting one practice round on Wednesday. His positive attitude and determination allowed him to break some of the toughest targets (and it wasn’t just beginner’s luck).
The Hot Shots this week also highlight some of the first year shooters that are doing incredibly well in the first six weeks of the season. Dan Lawton (JV) shot 79/100 in trap at Black River Falls. His score contributed to the top five scores for the JV squad and helped them win their division. Anthony Sexe (Intermediate Entry) posted a 14 for his conference round, up a whopping 10 birds from his practice round with a brand new gun. Nik Lundquist (Varsity) shot 63/100 at Black River Falls in his second round of sporting clays ever.
A shout out to the 25 straight club from the Black River Falls Tournament this last weekend including Nathan Madison (Varsity), Cody Cicha (Varsity), Brandon Armstrong (JV), Caitlin Cravens (JV), Ben Diethert (Varsity), Gibby Giebler (Varsity), Brady Lundquist (Collegiate), Garrett Wood (JV) and Jake McCorkel (Varsity).
Nice job Raiders - Keep up the good work!
Raiders of the week go to Nate Caslow and Annie Fenner, both of the Varsity division. Nate participated in the Green Bay Tournament this last weekend and shot all three events. Considering it was his first time ever shooting skeet and sporting clays, he did a great job with 69/100 in skeet and 62/100 in sporties. This is very impressive for a first-round, as is his willingness to jump in and give it a try!
In addition to shooting trap really well lately, Annie was highlighted in last week’s Hudson Star Observer after she volunteered to help during Youth Day. The article discussed how popular clay target shooting is with students and school teams. “One of those high school shooters is 16 year-old Hudson sophomore Annie Fenner, who turned out to mentor other youngsters as a volunteer at Saturday's Youth Day. ‘I wish I would have done this [trap] when I was a little kid but I had no interest at the time,’ she said. ‘I didn't start until about two years ago when a friend told me about it and now I just love it so I came out here to help.’”
This week’s honors were earned by Harley Saalborn (JV) and Johann Stolz (Rookie). Harley shot a 23 last night for his conference round setting the bar as his best score yet this year and was a great improvement from his practice round of 16. Harley’s focus and determination were key, especially while shooting in the pouring rain. Johann was one of the last shooters to finish last night and was happy to chip in and pick up empties, and help the coaches gather up buckets, pads and clear the fields, all while sporting a big smile and great attitude.
The Hot Shots this week: Jake McCorkel (Varsity) 25 in conference, 25 in skeet practice
Cody Neeck (Varsity) 25 trap practice, 42 sporting clays practice
Brandon Armstrong (JV) 25 in conference
KatieAnn Englund (JV) Two 20s at Eau Claire
Dan Lawton (JV) 42 in sporting clays practice
Garrett Wood (JV) 25 in practice
Noah Flattum (IE) 22 in conference, 79 in Eau Claire
Anthony Sexe (IE) Three 22s at Eau Claire