The Hudson Rod Gun and Archery Club is governed by
Wisconsin State Law
which allows for year around operations from the hours of 6am to 11pm. Unless otherwised established due to other programming requests or circumstances, the club most currently operates under the below hours of operation for most general shooting by both members and the general public. Programming and/or operating hours, while always subject to change without notice, will be typically posted on the clubs web calendar accessible elsewhere from this page. Be sure and check the calendar regularly for any additions, updates and/or other changes.

Summer Hours:
April 14th - Sept 10th

Rifle / Pistol
Saturday and Sunday
10:00am - 4:00pm
Tuesday & Thursday
4:00pm - 8:00pm

Trap / Skeet
10:00am - 2:00pm
10:00am - 4:00pm
Tuesday & Thursday
4:00pm - 8:00pm

Upcomming Events at the
Hudson Rod, Gun & Archery Club

April 16th

North Star Council
Boy Scout Shoot

All ranges will be
dedicated for
Boy Scouts only
until 1pm



Hudson Rod, Gun & Archery Club
285 Krattley Lane
Hudson, WI. 54016

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leagues start April 19th and run for 16 weeks.
You will be allowed to shoot ahead up to 2 weeks.
Both the 16 yard trap league and the skeet league are ‘bird handicap’ leagues, so most any shooter can be competitive immediately. In addition to the bird handicap, we divide the leagues into ‘Divisions’, so teams are competing with teams of like capabilities.
The 16 yard Trap league teams need a minimum of 5 shooters, maximum of 7, and 8 if one or more are juniors – 17 or less on April 19th. Skeet teams need 4 shooters, maximum 5, and 6 if one or more are juniors. All shooters must be annual or life members.
If you already have a group of folks to shoot with, you complete a team roster form for the league(s) you want. The bartenders have the forms, and will help you with them. A league fee (sponsor’s fee) of $75. for trap teams, $60. for skeet is required. Some teams find a business to pay this, others simply sponsor themselves.
If you are an individual and don’t have those connections yet, there is a form for skeet and one for trap, on the large bulletin board to your left as you enter the clubhouse. Fill in your name and phone number. If you are a team looking to fill out your roster, put your contact info on the form.
40 Targets some as small as Turkeys.
40 Targets some as large as an Elk.
Lunch will be available, serving:
   ·Hot dogs
   ·Pulled Pork Sandwitches
   ·Cheese Curds
   ·Beer and Drinks
We will have a Spring Archery 5-Spot League and a Fall Archery 5-Spot League
We will have 4 Divisions:
   ·Youth up to through age 17
   ·Women’s Group - Compound Bows
   ·Men’s Group – Compound Bows
   ·Conventional Bows, Men & Women.
Shooting Days will be on Tuesday with makeup on Thursday or Saturday of the same week.
We will use the Honor Roll system for scoring, with score sheets submitted to the club house.
We will handicap so skill will be offset by consistency.
Cost: • Members: $20, Non-members: $20 plus the cost of a day pass, Boy Scouts and Venture Personnel: $20, Hudson and Stillwater High School Youth and Teachers: $20
Spring 5-Spot League:
   ·Start the week of April 4th for 8 weeks.
   ·We will shoot once a week on Tuesday      with Thursday or Saturday for Makeups.
Fall 5-Spot League:
   ·Start the week of August 1st for 8 weeks.
   ·We will shoot once a week on Tuesday      with Thursday or Saturday for Makeups.